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For almost two decades, Neodymium and Ceramic magnet-based speaker technologies have essentially been the only offerings to bass players. Both technologies have their benefits. On one hand, the properties of Neodymium-based drivers mean that there is a significant weight savings, especially in multi-speaker designs, while on the other, many professional users have found that they much prefer the solid tone and punch of traditional Ceramic magnet drivers.

Back in 2018, Jim Bergantino started a collaboration with Celestion, the manufacturer of many of the most renowned and sought-after MI speakers in the world, to develop an all-new notary and leading edge, Neodymium-based motor technology. The exclusive Neo X-Treme Technology drivers that resulted of this partnership combine the benefits both physically and tonally from the two motor types and deliver a broad frequency response that mates perfectly with bass guitar signals. Aligned with Bergantino’s celebrated Reference Tweeter, it led to the 2020 worldwide release of the award-winning NXT series of speaker cabinets.

Our NXV Series is based on the same innovative Neo X-Treme Technology drivers, but lends itself to a more vintage vibe both in looks and sonic delivery, perfect for those players who don’t need or wish for that percussive top-end sparkle that the NXT range offers. 

The Bergantino Audio Systems NXV (NEO X-Treme Vintage) series of lightweight bass cabinets retain that great Bergantino tone, but in a more classic vintage looking and sounding package. Taking its cue from our award-winning NXT line of cabinets, the NXV series was designed to give the user a more old school playing experience.

The vintage voicing of the NXV range means that no tweeter was needed to be implemented in the design, as NXV’s driver’s high frequency response extends high enough to please those players who want a solid and classic bass tone. Perfect for blues, soul, rock, metal and many other styles of music, the premium components in the NXV series will bring your sound to life, sit you in the mix with the punch and quality tone you crave, yet give you the flexibility to cut through when it is your time to shine.

NXV’s aesthetics also bring a modern twist to a vintage look – a first for Bergantino with the inclusion of tasteful, hard-wearing grill cloth versus our more familiar metal grills, while chromed metal cabinet corners complete the eye-catching appearance. Additionally, the front-facing tuned ports of the NXV’s offer high performance and extended low-frequency support in a very manageable sized and lightweight package.

By combining poplar and birch plywood construction in precision-tuned, ported cabinetry of exemplary build quality along with a durable black bronco tolex covering, these rigid cabinets will not only sound great and stand the test of time on the road, they also will offer you significant weight savings over vintage offerings of yesteryear too.

Both the looks and tone of our new NXV Series cabinets will evoke feelings that harken back to a time of raw, exciting music energy and warmth in bass tone, but deliver it with the latest in high-performance driver technology. That means you will spend less time struggling with troublesome sound and more in creating great music.

The NXV series is available in four configurations: 1×12”, 2×10, 2×12”, and 4×10” and priced as follows:

1×12”: $799
2×10": $999
2×12”: $1299
4×10”: $1599

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