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Quilter Tone Block 201 Guitar Amplifier Head Floor Model

Floor demo model.  Minty.

The Quilter ToneBlock 201 is the next generation of Quilter Lab`s highly vaunted Tone Block 200. It represents the culmination of a guitar head powerful enough to take on even the most heavyweight amp, but light enough and small enough to cozy up on your board with your favorite pedals. With rack mounting options, you can even build the ultimate stereo amplifier for your rack modeling system. With all the tone of Quilter Lab`s next generation solid state technology, it is going to feel like you plugged into a tube amp. All analog, no emulation, just amazing tone.Useful:The most power you have ever experienced in the smallest possible package. From the pedalboard to the rack, the Tone Block delivers on the promise of lightweight, next generation Quilter tone in the most diminutive of packages.Practical:From the Quilter proprietary direct out to the jaw dropping tube-like tone, never before has so much clean headroom been put into such a practical application. Set it up with your pedals or your rack mount effects to achieve incredible results effortlessly.Versatile:Use it anywhere, in any setting. It is everything you love about tube tone without the tradeoffs or hassles. Plug it in there in the studio through the direct out to record late at night. Then crank it into your favorite cabinets at the gig. All the while without giving up on your tone, your way through the front end you already love. Or just bring it along as a backup. Either way, there is no end to the ways the Tone Block has your back at every gig, every night, any place on the face of the earth.

0 - 200 Watts of real world power with calibrated power markings*
Gain, Tri-Q Contour, Voicing, Hi-Cut, and Master controls*
1/4" high impedance input* Effects Send and Return*
Dual 1/4" Mono outputs for variable loads 16 to 4 ohms*
Proprietary direct out* 4 Pounds* 8 3/8"W x 3"H x 7 1/2"D*
Ultra Compact (Roughly the size of a double wide effects pedal)*
Universal power supply. (Take it anywhere in the world without need for transformers or switches.)*
Locking power cable

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