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Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine


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Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ MachineA 6-pack of tonewheel organs provides a wide range vintage vibeThe first six presets in the B9 Organ Machine are variations on the classic tonewheel organ that set the standard for electric organ sound. Fat & Full adds an octave above and below, instantly doubling the size of your guitar tone. Jazz offers you a more subtle and smooth sound - think Jimmy Smith. Pull out the upper bars, and you`ve got the sound of the Gospel setting, whereas a health dose of distortion the Classic Rock setting recalls Procal Harum`s "Whiter Shade of Pale." If, on the other hand, you prefer a sound closer to Sugarloaf`s "Green Eyed Lady," then switch to the Bottom End setting and dial up the Click control. Lastly, the Octaves preset provides an octave above for a more Zeppelin vibe, and when you roll on the Click, you also get higher harmonics. All of these presets are total winners, and what`s more, each of includes a classic rotary speaker effect, whose speed you can control with the Mod knob.Three additional classic organ sounds expand your tonal paletteeBut the fun doesn`t stop with the B9 Organ Machine`s tonewheel emulations. In fact, electro-harmonix infused this awesome guitar effects pedal with three additional gems. First up, there`s the Cathedral organ setting, which gushes forth with the ambient-rich sound of a historical pipe organ. Of course a rotary speaker effect wouldn`t due, so ehx gave this preset a tremolo setting instead, with depth control on the Click knob. Next up, there`s the Continental setting, which conjures up a classic transistor organ tone that`ll have you figuring out the chords to "House of the Rising Sun" in minuets. That preset gets a smooth vibrato effect, also with depth control on the Click knob. Last up is the B9 Organ Machine`s Bell Organ setting, which layers a chimey EP on top of a tonewheel organ. It also gets a tremolo effect, and you can blend in as much bell or chime as you like with the Click knob.Two killer ways to mix your guitar with your organ effectsNow, there`s no denying that the ehx B9 Organ Machine`s effects are absolutely awe inspiring, but you can really work some magic by blending in your dry guitar tone into the mix. Lucky for you, electro-harmonix decided to give you two cool ways to do this. If you`re like most of us, and you only gig with a single amp, then you can simply blend the two sounds together via the designated Dry and Organ knobs. But, if you`re in the studio or you`re more of a high-tech guitarist, then you`ll appreciate the B9 Organ Machine`s dual outputs, which let you run two amps or set up more complex pedalboard configurations. electro-harmonix B9 Organ Machine Guitar Effects Pedal Features:The perfect way to play classic organ tones with your guitarTransforms your guitar tone - no tracking problems, glitches, mistriggers, or false notes!9 organ settings let you call up 6 tonewheel organ tones, a pipe organ, a transistor organ, and a layered organ/EP toneEach tonewheel organ setting includes a rotary speaker emulation effect with speed control plus separate key click/percussion controlAdditional presets include tremolo or vibrato effects with depth or blend controlsBlend wet and dry signals in the box or send them to separate outputs for complex rig setups

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