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Chicago Blues Box Butler Custom Buddy Guy 4x10 Tube guitar combo amplifier w/ Cover

When Buddy Guy asks you to design an amp - his amp - you start by listening to everything from the birth of Chicago blues to Buddy Guys signature tone. You play then tear apart his favorite vintage amps and test and document every resistor, capacitor, transformer and tube. Then you take all that research and create the Buddy Guy Series, Chicago Blues Box amp. When your done, you give it to him, shut your eyes and cross your fingers as he plugs in. And when he asks with a smile, "what you got in this thing man?" You answer "nothin' but Buddy".

•Product features•
· 60 watts
· 4x10 combo
· Italian Made Jensen Special Edition AlNiCo HP
· 2-6L6TAD
· 3-12AX7
· Pine finger jointed cabinet
· Tweed laquer finish
· Cane grill for its tonal transparent quality
· Hand wound paper interleaved output transformer
· 1 Watt custom made resistors with drifted component values that match the
Original drift of Buddy's magic '59
· Custom made CTS pots made in the exact way they were made in 1959 (hand-
assembled with real carbon wafers and brass shafts). The CTS pots match the drifted values of Buddy's volume pots (these pots are the real deal) · Normal and bright channel, treble, mid, bass, presence, 4 input
·Dual bias controls allow for individual tube biasing

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