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Fodera Emperor 5 J Standard Classic Gloss Black


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9 pounds 14 ounces

Fodera Emperor-J 5 continues our Emperor-J series in a 5-string configuration for players needing extended range from a low-b string. Featuring Fodera / Seymour Duncan single coil JJ pickups, this bass provides accurate vintage tone with Fodera playability and construction. Additionally the Emperor-J 5 includes our revered Fodera Standard Preamp offering players a musical and transparent sounding preamp enabling you to dial in your sound for any room or situation. With its 19mm string spacing and 22-frets, this bass is great for slap style playing while also being a great instrument for 4-string players looking to transition to a 5-string bass. 

The Emperor-J 5  is available in either a 60’s jazz-style configuration of an alder body/rosewood FB with its pickups in 60’s location or in a 70’s jazz-style configuration of an ash body/maple FB with its pickups in 70’s location. Built in Brooklyn, New York utilizing the same tone woods and crafted from the same hands as our Custom Line of instruments, our Standards provide players with over 30 years of legendary Fodera craftsmanship and playability.

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