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USED Line 6 Powercab 112 Plus Active Guitar Speaker System


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The Powercab® 112 Plus active speaker system was specifically designed for use with modelers. Your amplification and speaker system is responsible for at least half of your tone and also determines how your modeling rig feels and responds to your playing—so why play through anything incapable of making your modeler sound as true to your intended tone as possible?


If you are happy with your modeler’s onboard cabinet models and just want to hear the sound of your presets amplified, simply connect the modeler to a Powercab, select Flat mode, and play. Custom coaxial speakers with high-frequency compression drivers provide the benefits of a full-range, flat-response (FRFR) speaker system—but with the rapid transient response of guitar speakers, resulting in a more authentic and familiar feel.


Alternatively, bypassing the cabinet models in your presets and switching to Speaker Modeling mode enables you to take advantage of proprietary onboard speaker models—which are not the same as either cabinet models or impulse responses—for a more organic “amp-in-the-room” playing experience. Modeled speakers range from classics such as “Greenback” and “Blue Bell” to modern designs, and may be mixed or matched

Powercab 112 Plus

Speaker Quantity: 1
Speaker Type: Ferrite Coaxial Custom by Eminence
Compression Driver: Celestion CDX 1-1010
Loudness SPL: 125dB SPL @ 1m
Peak Wattage: 250 watts
Speaker Size: 12"
Frequency Response: 70Hz - 20kHz
Speaker Models: 12 (with 2.0 firmware)
Combination Input Jacks: 2
XLR Direct Outs: 1
L6 LINK™ / AES/EBU: Input and Output
USB Audio Interface: USB-B
User Presets: 128
Display: 2" LCD
Cabinet Material: Poplar Plywood
Kickstands: Yes
Porting: Front
Third-Party Impulse Response (IR) Support: 2048 sample
MIDI DIN: 2: In, Out/Thru
Product Height (in/mm): 18.20/462
Product Width (in/mm): 22.3/566
Product Depth (in/mm): 12/305
Product Weight (lb/kg): 34.9/15.83

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